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Avionics / Equipment

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Item Manufacturer Model Manual
Audio Panel King KMA 20TSO  
Com/GPS/Navaid Garmin 300 XL TSO  
Transponder King KT 76  
PFD Aspen Evolution 1000  
Clock Piper Electric  
Engine Data Monitor JPI EDM-900-6C-2  
Auto Pilot Piper Autocontrol III B  
Intercom PS Engineering, Inc. PM 1000 II  
Emergency Locator Transmitter Artex ELT-345 (Y1-03-0282 Rev. H)  
Hand Held Radio Sporty's JD-200 Transceiver (Com/Nav) JD-200
Life Raft (5 person) Eastern Aero Marine EAM-5/STD (R0070-107)