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  • Continental TSIO-360-FB
    • Serial # 299733-R
  • Date installed on aircraft Sep 21 2019
  • Horsepower: 200 @ 2575 RPM
Magneto 10-500556-3 C319905DR
Magneto 10-500556-3 D079904DR
Throttle Body 640563-2 B089912AR
Fuel Pump 649368-2 B01CA183R
Flow Divider 641032-11A8 B089912CR
Turbo Charger 646396 TR997014
Pressure Relief Valve 481028-9001 BF042277
Starter 646238-2 H-T073272
Oil Cooler 10639B 1169
Harness KA12015  
Spark Plugs URHM-40E  
Oil Filter AA48108-2