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Flight Over Disneyland

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EDM Flight #39

  • Engine Hours: 1.18
  • Flight Time: 0:59
  • Flight Distance: 97 SM 
  • Ending Hobbs: 4495.65
    • SMOH 16.20

On May 5, 2020 we departed San Gabriel Vally Airport for a flight over Disneyland

Since 9/11 the area above and around Disneyland is restricted airspace

Because businesses (including DIsneyland) are closed because of the Chineese COVID-19 we hoped to be able to cross through the restricted airspace.

As we approached we requested permission to enter the restricted airspace.

The Air Traffic Crontroller granted us persmission enter the TFR and told us, "Altitude at your discretion".


* Click on the photo for a HI-RES version of the image.

Angel's Stadium was just a bit further down Interstate-5